Good Works exists to help young people harness their leadership skills to make use of their beliefs, values and worldviews in the workplace.
We aim to educate and empower young people to begin their careers with a strong sense of their values and how to live them out in practice, and inspire them to become living witnesses of their faith, leading by example rather than words. 

We run workshops designed as an interactive exploration of 6 main principles of Catholic Social Teachings, with examples of what they look like in real life from the world of business and Hobson’s Choice type of scenarios to provoke thinking. 

They are designed for Catholic University Chaplaincies, but we’re happy to accommodate other audiences. Let’s talk.

We also host a podcast called Good Conversations. In Season One, we explored the 6 main principles of Catholic Social Teachings and what they look like in the lives of different people of all faiths and none.

In Season Two (coming in Autumn 2019), we will explore the teachings behind the principles in more depth.

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If you’re more of a reader, we have a multi-author blog where our team of volunteers shares content to inform and inspire you to bring your authentic self to work.

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