Good Conversations: Episode 5 - Plurality with Upside Down Podcast


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In this conversation, a rather sleepy Alessia has a late night conversation with a friend across the pond, Lindsy Wallace from the Upside Down Podcast. The main subject is plurality, and how to navigate diverse settings while loving your neighbour well.

Presented by Alessia Cesana with Lindsy Wallace. Edited by Alessia Cesana and Richard Harris. Music "Circles" by Greg Aktinson under CC license.

Lindsy Wallace is one of the co-hosts of the Upside Down Podcast, a non-denominational Christian podcast dedicated to the hard conversations on social justice that the Church often shies away from. Lindsy loves Jesus, her husband, their five kids, hot tea, hiking in the woods, and good tattoos. Her family lives in Miami where they seek to bring the Kingdom come to the inner-city as it is in Heaven. When she’s not homeschooling her kids or getting to know her neighbours, she writes about faith, justice, race and more on her blog

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