We run workshops designed as an interactive exploration of 6 main principles of Catholic Social Teachings, with examples of what they look like in real life from the world of business and Hobson’s Choice type of scenarios to provoke thinking. 

Workshop outline
Welcome – soft start, phased arrivals, refreshments and networking, casual group icebreaker Introduction
Six Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
Hobson’s Choice scenarios
Final comments and wrap-up 

We will deliver the workshop at your event; it’s designed for a 1h-1h30 running time depending on number of attendees, to keep people interested as well as make it easier to participate within a busy university schedule. We are always happy to stick around to any social time to follow, and answer more questions and go more deeply into discussion. There is no hard rule of what the workshops must be like: they are designed to be adaptable so that each audience can make the most of them.

Pope Francis, in a recent address to the faithful in Morocco, has encouraged us to remember our mission“to generate change and to awaken wonder and compassion (…) by the way we live as disciples of Jesus, in the midst of those with whom we share our daily lives, joys and sorrows, suffering and hopes” (cf. Gaudium et Spes, 1), so it is a perfect time to promote the principles of the Catholic Social Teachings, especially to final year undergraduate and post-graduate students who are already thinking about life after university.